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This is my wiki for my 3-Axis CNC machine build

My goal is to have a complete documentation behind the principles that went behind the design of my 3-Axis CNC machine.

There isn't a lot of content right now since I made this wiki not long ago. Stay tuned!

The purpose of this page is to describe the overall design process for my 3 axis CNC machine, which hopefully should be helpful for 3-axis CNC designs in general.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and I'll get back to you:

Contact me


Build log

  1. VFD and spindle hookup
  2. Machine table assembly
  3. Flipping a ballnut
  4. Y-Axis assembly
  5. Arduino software
  6. Stepper motor and limit switch testing
  7. Y-Axis testing

Mechanical Design

  1. High-level mechanical design
  2. Deciding on machine requirements
  3. Spindles, routers, or DIY for cutting
  4. Spindle selection
  5. Ball screws, lead screws, or belt drives for X, Y, Z drive axes
  6. Ball/lead screw selection
  7. Servomotors or stepper motors for X, Y, Z drive axes
  8. Motor selection
  9. Mounting the motor to the screw
  10. Bearing selection
  11. Moving gantry or moving table
  12. Machine table design
  13. Designing a rigid structure
  14. Spindle mounting
  15. Drive motor mounting
  16. Design Flaws

Electrical Design

  1. High-level wiring diagram
  2. Microcontroller/processor
  3. VFD selection
  4. Limit switches

Buying Parts

  1. Where to buy things